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Wilkes Barre/Scranton areas:

WNEP 16.2

*Factors such as surrounding terrain, trees or other tall structures nearby may impact your ability to receive WNEP2 over-the-air with an antenna.

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How to get WNEP2 with Satellite

Comcast Ch. 243
Blue Ridge Ch. 131
Adams Cable Ch. 17
Beaver Valley Cable Ch. 14
Blue Mountain Cable Ch. 68.2
CATV Service Inc. (Danville, Milton, 
Lewisburg) Ch. 143
Comcast Cable (Towanda) Ch. 349
Community Cable (Mansfield) Ch. 13
Eagle Lake Cable Ch. 46
Herr Cable Ch. 15
JB Cable (Primrose) Ch. 59
Loganton Ch. 35
Metrocast (Schuylkill) Ch. 124
Metrocast (Berwick) Ch. 124
Metrocast (Pocono Area) Ch. 124
NEP Datavision Ch. 16
Pikes Peak TV Association Ch. 38
Rebersburg-Smulton Cable Ch. 38
Service Electric (Bloomsburg, 
Sunbury) Ch. 14
Service Electric (Hazleton, 
Mahanoy City) Ch. 96
Service Electric (Wilkes-Barre) Ch. 90
Southside Service Ch. 14
South Canaan Telephone Co. Ch. 106
Shen-Heights TV Ch. 98
Windstream Communications Ch. 23
Wire Tele View Ch. 16.2
WNEP-TV Mansfield Translator Ch. 26
Zito Ch. 17